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Helping IT teams deliver better results since 1998

At Gargoyle Software, we've been helping IT teams deliver better results since 1998. Our goal is to ensure that your organization and your teams are better tomorrow than they were today and better again each day beyond that. To do this, we leverage the best tools from Agile and Lean, coupled with advanced engineering practices and an understanding of human behaviour.

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Gargoyle Software is based in Canada and provides coaching and training services globally. We have taught on three continents and can bring our expertise to your company, wherever you are.

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Our Offering

To be able to deliver solutions to our customers quickly, there are two main pillars that we need to focus on.
  1. We must be able to consistently deliver high quality, working solutions.
  2. We must be building the right thing at the right time.

Delivering the wrong thing quickly doesn't help. Neither does sloppy delivery of the right thing. They both must be in place in order to get maximum benefit.

Underpinning both of these are systems, processes and behaviour that can make or break this effort.

We provide coaching and training classes to help with all of this. From hands on skills training to work on systems and behaviours, we can help you get the results you desire.

Selected past and current clients

Over our twenty years in business, we've worked with a wide variety of clients from tiny startups to Fortune 100 companies. A sampling of some of our larger clients includes: