Mike Bowler
Coach and Trainer, specializing in Agile, Lean & technical practices
  • Scrum Alliance® Registered Education Provider (REP)
  • Kanban Management Professional (KMP)
  • Scaled Agile Framework® Agilist
  • Certified Facilitator in LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®

Mike is a coach and trainer who helps software teams improve the way they work. He's been writing code for over thirty years and has been an active member of the Agile community for the last fifteen. He blends his strong technical background with a deep understanding of Agile and Lean methods to help teams consistently improve how they deliver value to their customers.

Based in Canada, Mike travels around the world to provide training classes, coaching and facilitation services to his clients.

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Mike is available to help your team, wherever you're located.

What specifically can Mike do for your teams?

  • He'll coach them on the processes of Scrum, XP or Kanban. He'll help the individuals understand their roles and make their ceremonies more useful. He'll teach them new facilitation techniques and will explain the purpose behind the various activities.
  • He'll teach and coach the teams through a variety of technical practices such as TDD, ATDD, pair programming, and refactoring. He'll help you move towards continuous delivery
  • He'll facilitate mob programming sessions with the teams to both reinforce learned skills and to cross-train.
  • He'll facilitate meetings and events using a variety of techniques including LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®, Lean Coffee and Open Space.
  • He'll teach your teams about user stories from story mapping to writing to specific acceptance criteria. He'll show them how to automate those acceptance criteria using tools like ruby/cucumber.
  • He'll work with management to address organizational impediments that are blocking the teams.
  • He'll help your teams improve and leave them with the tools to continue improving after he has left.