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Level Up! : Improving your Agile practices using LEGO®


Have your retrospectives become stale? Does your team understand refactoring? Need inspiration to bring more fun into your team's daily work?

In this action-packed workshop, participants will be guided through a series of exercises they can use with their teams to explore a variety of Agile concepts and practices. The facilitators will share LEGO® exercises used to explore technical practices and facilitate Agile meetings.

Through hands-on experience and clear debriefs on the learning outcomes and facilitation approaches, participants will get what they need to take these playful techniques back to their teams.

Participants in this workshop will gain hands-on experience

  • Using LEGO ® SERIOUS PLAY® techniques for user requirements gathering
  • Explaining Agile technical practices (TDD, Refactoring, Continuous Integration, Understanding Technical Debt) using LEGO® in way that is accessible to both technical and non-technical team members
  • Running powerful and playful retrospectives using LEGO ® SERIOUS PLAY®

Who should attend?

Agile team members, Scrum Masters, Agile coaches, Managers

Course availability

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