Agile Training

Pre-packaged classes

  • Certified Scrum Developer (CSD): A developer focused certification class that teaches the agile engineering practices in a fun and engaging way.
  • We work with 3P Vantage to teach their very practical Agile Mindset classes for leaders.
  • Level Up!is a fun one day workshop to improve your agile practices with the use of LEGO®

Custom classes

We find that most of our clients want training classes that have been customized to their own specific needs. In that spirit, we list only a couple of pieces that we've used in past classes. Contact us now to discuss the kind of specialized training we can provide for you.

Our courses are all highly experiential. Participants will learn through doing, not just from listening to a lecture. Additionally, most of our courses are taught with two instructors. We find that this co-teaching model results in better retention of skills for the participants.

Introduction to Agile

In this one day session, we dive into the basics of the agile methods to understand where they came from, what problems they're designed to solve and how you can apply them in your environment. In particular, Scrum and Kanban will be contrasted to see which is more applicable for your particular situation.

User story workshop

In this one day session, we will explore user story mapping, user story writing and creation of acceptance criteria using the gherkin notation.

Agile technical practices for developers

Two days of hands-on developer training including TDD, refactoring, pair programming, mob programming, technical debt, continuous integration and continuous delivery. This class is highly interactive with lots of hands-on code samples and also the use of LEGO® to introduce concepts in a fun way.
This class has been taught using Java, JavaScript and Ruby as the primary language. Other languages can be accomodated.

Agile technical practices for non-developers

An immersive half day of agile technical practices using LEGO® intead of code. This session is mostly aimed at people without a technical background, who want to learn what all of these technical practices are and why they're important. We'll discuss TDD, refactoring, clean code, technical debt, and continuous integration.

ATDD test automation using Cucumber and Ruby

In this one day follow-on to the user story workshop, we will take the gherkin and automate it using Cucumber and the Ruby language.