HtmlUnit History

Back around 2001, Mike was working with an eXtreme Programming (XP) team at one of our clients. The team was building a web application and wanted to write automated unit and acceptance tests but at that time, we didn't have the browser automation tools that are available today. The one tool that could be found, only simulated the HTTP protocol and not the interaction of the page.

So Mike got annoyed with the lack of tooling and created HtmlUnit to fill that gap. Starting with just simple form handling and page interaction, HtmlUnit grew to support JavaScript so that it could truly simulate what the page would do in a real browser.

While developement started off slow, with just one person working on it, HtmlUnit has grown to have an engaged community. Its current success is due to the huge contributions from people we've never even met in person.

Check it out at

HtmlUnit is released under an Apache style license so that you can freely use it in your project.