Agile Coaching

Our focus is on helping your organization improve the way it delivers software.

For coaching at the team level, we've seen significant benefit from the Agile methods in general and additionally from a collection of technical practices that mostly originated from eXtreme Programming. Additionally, the teams that see the biggest improvements are those that learn to truely collaborate well and so our coaching tends to start here.

Examples: Scrum | eXtreme Programming (XP) | Kanban | Test Driven Development (TDD) | Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD) | Behaviour Test Driven Development (BDD) | Refactoring | Pair Programming | Mob Programming | Simple Design | Continuous Integration | Continuous Delivery | DevOps | Infrastructure As Code

When coaching with the business, we focus on the effective prioritization and chunking of work as it flows towards the teams. This ensures that we're building the right product at the right time.

Examples: Story writing | Story mapping | Cost of Delay | Prioritization

When coaching with management, we focus on motivation and measurements. How do we know when the teams need help and when they don't? How can management best support the teams to get the best results? How can we do effective release planning and prediction?

Examples: Metrics | Predictability | Release Planning | Motivation | People Growth

At all levels, we can provide one-on-one coaching and support for all the people involved in the changes. Leveraging coaching techniques and the latest neuroscience, we can help make any transformation easier.